Community Garden

PBNC’s community garden sits at the rear of PBNC, adjacent to the Baza Trail, the centre’s bush tucker trail.

The garden is run by volunteers who share the produce with other workers at PBNC and with the Community Pantry (held at the centre on Wednesday mornings). Parents, carers and children from PBNC’s PlayTime Group also participate in the garden.

A wide range of vegetables including carrots, eggplants, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach is grown there, depending on the season, along with various herbs including rosemary, parsley and coriander, and pineapples, pawpaws, citrus, passionfruit and lemon myrtle flourish along the borders.
Composting is encouraged, with scraps being recycled through our worm farm.

Three-year-old Willow with her mother, Yvonne, and her grandmother, Belinda, tend to plants in PBNC’s community garden.


Baza Trail

At the rear of the centre, PBNC workers have created a bush tucker trail, the Baza Trail, named after the crested hawk, or Pacific Basa, that can be seen roosting and hunting there each year. The area already contained more than a dozen tall native trees, including some planted by students of Pottsville Primary School, which previously inhabited PBNC’s present site. Now a winding path in the shape of the Baza leads people through bush tucker plants to the centre.